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Lockleaven BrownIt all started with a form of curiosity that turned into what has become a passion. My love for fly fishing had a rocky start. For the most part, it was due to the long skunked days out on the river. Cold hands. No bites. That all changed when I caught my very first trout on the fly. As luck would have it, I did not have my phone to immortalize the moment. Nevertheless, that did not stop me from telling the story of my chaotic first fish on the fly.

I started Straight Arrow Tight Lines because I wanted to share my passion for the outdoors and fishing with whoever is willing to listen. It was a way to journal my thoughts and experiences and compile them neatly to provide resources for those who may be going through the same. Though we all come from different walks of life, we often find ourselves asking the same questions others had already asked. I wanted to provide a platform to do just that.

Though I am an angler, I am an artist by nature. My passion for art had existed long before I stumbled into fly fishing. It was the outlet I was most comfortable and familiar with and had always wanted to share it with everybody. Over the years, my passion for art had sat on the back burner. It was a few years before I ever picked up a pencil again. There were occasional doodles and sketches, but nothing truly stuck. Needing another outlet, I found myself picking up a fly fishing rod, a sport I was totally underprepared for. It took me a year to even catch my first fish. Casting was painful and totally unforgiving. The fish, ever so picky. There was a moment when I wanted to give up. But the challenges of the sport drove me further to better myself. Along the way, I met some interesting people whom I call now, my friends. My passion for drawing and art is still there in the corner waiting to be tapped in once more.

Then, I had a moment where everything just clicked. I combined both my passion, for art and fishing. And so, I created an avenue where I can use my skills to create designs that showcases who I am and my love for fishing. Along the way, I also found that I have a bit of bone when it comes to storytelling, after all, I am also an angler.

So let me personally welcome you to Straight Arrow and Tight Lines, where there are plenty of fishy vibes and tight lines.


  • Kathleen Delos Reyes, founder and owner of Straight Arrow Tight Lines Co.

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